Friday, February 19, 2010

The reveal!!!

Okay, in case you weren't aware or have forgotten. Australia Post workers decided to go on strike the week prior to Christmas 2010. I had received a parcel from Nikki before Christmas advising me that she would be sending a reveal card to me in the next couple of days.

Alright, I am a patient person most of the time, but this was killing me! I had to know. So I hounded the poor post lady. Luckily she's a friend of mine! She normally waits until I have opened my SS parcels before she goes on to deliver the rest!

So Christmas went by, followed by new year. Finally my parcel arrived. Inside was a lovely letter from my cheeky SS, saying that I'd have to find her name on the gift. Now when this parcel came to me that back part of the card was laying flat, so I pulled each and every drawer out looking for her details. I found mini calendars, some adorable buttons and some choccies. Finally I worked out how to stand the easel card up and on the back of the card, Nikki had attached a little post it note with her name on it.

So this was the end of this round of Secret Sister and although I was pleased to know that it was Nikki Stalker, I was also saddened to know that I wouldn't be receiving any more of her fantastic creations. I am sure that you can agree that you would be suitably thrilled to have received all of these wonderful gifts too!

Now I couldn't receive all this without making a little something to say thanks to Nikki. You'll have to wait until I post next to find out what it was.

Till next time, happy stamping...

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