Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My gifts from Nikki Stalker

Well if you have been following my blog you will know that I participated in a Secret Sister swap last year with the ESAD group. I haven't shown you what I received yet as I wanted to ask permission from the maker. So I had to patiently wait until January (yep that's right!) to find out who she was. And if you haven't figured it out, my SS was Nikki Stalker.

Now I have been a closet fan of Nikki's for some time, but I have decided it's time to come out! LOL!

Firstly she sent me this stunning tri-fold card. Now she didn't send that choccie smudge! Lol! Nor did she send the choccie to make this smudge! I had put this adorable card up on my piano and Miss 1 managed to climb up and grab it!

Later in October I also received this beautiful parcel. Not Quite Navy is my favourite colour - you wouldn't know it looking at my work! Nope, I am hoarding it for later. LOL! Anyways in this cute box was some in-colour ribbons, build-a-brads and chewy caramels. Mmm yum! Amazingly I was quite busy at this time, so I didn't eat the caramels straight up, as I had to wait to take a photo (for you).

And it was receiving this card that made me work out how to make the scallop medallion centrepiece. I honestly thought it was one punch that worked in one go! Well it is one punch - namely the scallop edge border punch - but it is punched four times. One of each side! I felt a bit silly not having worked this out before now. Have you ever worked something out and
discovered it was simpler than you thought? Please share with me so I don't feel like such a dill.

Anyway over the next couple of posts, I will share more of what I received from Nikki.

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. oh wowv these r just stunning what a great idea i've never been brave enough do a trifold

  2. Ooooh ... NQN is one of my favourite colours, too! You are a very lucky girl, Sonia. Gorgeous creations here from Nikki! TFS xx


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