Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christmas with Nikki!

Well as the title says, Nikki came, in spirit, to Christmas with us! I don't know about your house, but we had lots of presents under the tree in the lead up to Christmas. A couple of days before Christmas the post lady came by with yet another parcel. This one caused a great stir, because it was from my secret sister. Oh boy, was this going to be the reveal?

I decided to open the Australia Post box, rather than sticking it up the tree like that. I should have known that Nikki's wrapping is spectacular. In the parcel was a lovely letter from my secret sister, telling me she was going to stay that way for a couple more days.

The picture above shows the massive haul that Nikki sent my family.

Here's Lucy with her gifts. She was thrilled to have something from her secret aunty! And she is very possessive of her special bubble bath!

And this was Ava showing off her presents. She loved the lolly bottles, although she secretly thought they were rattles. She enjoyed the gorgeous fish shaped soaps.

Now I was good and didn't open my present until Christmas morning and we saved it till the last present. Upon opening the latch of the stunning tin, I found more individually wrapped presents. I couldn't have peaked if I tried! LOL. So here I am on Christmas morning a little tired from an early morning start with my gifts. So what was inside all those presents? Watercolour crayons, metal edge tags, choccies and some beautiful lemon meringue soap.

Now don't think I don't love my hubby, but it all the commotion I didn't get a picture of him with his gift. Which he loved! He even refused to share the Ferrero Rochers with the kids.

Okay now Nikki, don't be surprised if hubby hires you next year to make my day. This whole secret sister experience has been shared with so many of my friends and family and they drop everything to come and see the latest parcels as I received them.

So I bet you were thinking this was the final instalment of SS? Well no, there was one more item that came with the reveal.

Till next time, happy stamping...

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