Saturday, July 31, 2010

And the Fall Winners Are......

Firstly I'd like to thank everyone for their patience. I had all good intentions of picking the winners yesterday and notifying you...but my day got away! And I have spent over 14 hours in a car today getting home today! And I am so glad to be here.

I just had to be back in time to participate in INKspirations 4U.

Now for those who didn't win a FREE pass, I thank you for visiting my blog and leaving wonderfully encouraging remarks. Keep coming back as I may have more blog candy in future!

And now, without further adieu, I'd like to congratulate

Rhonda Alman and Lorraine Martin

You should receive an invitation to join INKspirations 4U shortly.
Till next time, happy stamping...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Inkspirations 4U - I have designed again!


Hi all,

I know that you are probably thinking that you'd like to see some of my work and finally I put a post up..... but I am not showing you any of my work. Well I have been a little busy at the moment. I've been away on holidays, then as soon as we came home the in-laws came to visit. Then when they left my husband had surgery and to top it all off Miss 2 came down with tonsillitus. So basically my crafting time has been hampered. I have done some work but I wanted to let you know about this fantastic opportunity to win a FREE pass to Inkspirations 4U.

I have TWO FREE PASSES to give away.

The next class starts on the 2nd August 2010. I have two different ways that you can win a FREE pass.

Option 1.

Leave a comment on my blog
Become a follower
Email me to let me know that you have done the above.

Option 2.

Spend AU$50 with me before the 30th July 2010.

You can enter both ways if you'd like, you are not limited to one option.

Till next time, happy stamping

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last chance to win a FREE pass to Inkspirations 4U Fall session

Hi all,

This is a quick post to let you know that you have just over 24 hours to enter my competition to win a FREE pass to Inkspirations 4U.

For details please click here.

Sorry this is such a dodgy post, but I have had to go away again - family emergency and am using the laptop, which is difficult to use as it's mouseless.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

ESAD Christmas in July Blog Hop

I hope you’re ready for the ESAD Christmas in July Blog Hop!

What is ESAD?

ESAD stands for Extra Special Australasian Demonstrators and it is an online group just for Australian and New Zealand demonstrators for Stampin’ Up!

We so love what we do and not only do we love to share it with our customers, friends, and wonderful blog visitors but we share our love for what we do with each other as Demonstrators. We run swaps, challenges, tutorials, product know how and cyberstamps and we are always there to help and support each other when its needed.

So if you are a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator located in Australia or New Zealand then please feel free to click here to join our wonderful group.

My blog may be the first stop in the blog or you could have come from the lovely Vicki's blog! Remember that a blog hop is a bit like a circle, it really has no beginning or end. You can keep going round and round.

The photo above shows the two projects I am going to be sharing with you today.

Firstly we have this cute little box, with the recessed window in the lid. I love how the Designer Series Paper that I have used, Candy Lane, is not a Christmas designed one - but it fits perfectly.

And here is the inside. You could fill it with whatever you wanted. It fits four pots of chunky glitter in it perfectly. I think some Rocky Road or White Christmas would go perfectly in there as well.

This photo is the inside of the card. It actually has a pocket which you put a satchet of cocoa or tea etc in it. It is very cute!

Here is a photo with the top folded down! I just love the Holiday Lineup stamp set. I makes the cutest cards.

And here is the front of the card. Now I wish I could say that I designed this pocket card..... but alas I didn't. This is actually a Madeline Morcelo design for the upcoming Inkspirations 4U class, which starts on 2nd August 2010. Now I am a guest designer for this and if you'd like the opportunity to win a FREE pass, check out this post!

Anyway I hope that I have inspired you today and that you've enjoyed your stop here at my blog.

Your next stop is to the fantastic Sharlene's blog.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Holiday snaps

Well I thought I'd show you some of the things I have been up. In case you didn't know, we spent the school holidays travelling to the most northerly point on the Australian mainland. This has been something I have wanted to do for years.

Now we camped and cooked using open fires etc. Here is our pot of vege's cooking one night. Our cuisine wasn't your standard camp tucker of tinned spaghetti or sausages on bread. Now meat and three veg was served often enough. In saying this, I will admit that I didn't do any cooking while we were away!

The photo above is trying to show the Undarra Lava tubes. These were formed from a volcano hundreds of years ago. It is simply stunning and the photo's do it no justice!

Of course, I couldn't just look up and this photo shows the roots of an old strangler fig writhing across the ground. I just loved the colours here!

At Lakefield National Park we stopped to stretch our legs and came across this water plant. The flowers on it fascinated me. They are about the size of a 50 cent peice, so pretty much what you can see on your screen. The petals are made up for the most wonderful little filaments. It's moments like these I wish I had a macro lens. LOL!

There were many lagoons in Lakefield National Park and I couldn't help but snap this water lily. I was quite a way from the edge of the lagoon as there are crocodiles in there. We also saw heaps of snakes crossing the road as we drove through here.

We visited the town Lucinda, which is how we chose our daughters name. So we thought we'd take here there to check it out. She wasn't very impressed - LOL!

It was actually quite nice there and this was the view from the small jetty. Not the 5km long one! Yes, they actually have Australia's longest jetty there!

Now I'd promised someone that if she behaved all term, I'd take her horseriding in the holidays. So here we are at Wonga Beach. Neither of us has much (read "any") experience at horseriding and if you have a good look at our horses you'll notice they are asleep. Certainly helped to make me feel better.

Now this was my main aim for the holiday - I wanted to see the most northerly tip of the Australian mainland. And of course, I was so happy, I had to give the sign a kiss! LOL.

Now if you take a close look and you went to convention this year, you may recognise the cap. Yes, it's the Stampin' Up!® one that we were given this year. So I guess you could say I took Stampin' Up!® to most northern part of Australia. LOL!

Now I can't think of a better way to finish my tale, than showing you the view the I had at the end of the day! This is sunset at Loyalty Beach. I took this photo, as I sat in my camp! That's one fantastic thing about camping, you get the best views!

Okay, I'll try not to talk about this trip again! Get ready for some stamping posts soon!

Till next time, happy stamping...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another blog hop is on it's way!

I know that you are probably wondering where I am - well I am here.... busily working on a few projects.

I am participating in a blog hop this weekend! And we will be focusing on Christmas.

It's only 158 days till Christmas, so we really ought to start thinking about it so it doesn't become a big overwhelming rush of activity.

I look forward to seeing you back here on Saturday.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Featuring Val...

Last but definitely not least, is this card by Val. As I mentioned earlier this Happy Moments stamp set is super cool!

Val belongs to that super cool group, Stampin_Up_In_Oz. And this is the final instalment of the cards that I received. Isn't it amazing that we can all have the same canvas and turn out totally different cards. I loved each and every card that I received, so thanks to all the wonderful friends out there who sent me a bit of birthday cheer.

If you would like to know more about this card, please contact the artist, so that she knows that she has inspired you too!

Till next time, happy stamping...

Friday, July 16, 2010

Featuring Tammy...

Well Tammy must have been paying attention at some time, because I LURV this set. It's the first set I recomment to anyone when they ask what they should buy. Too bad if they have little boys.... they'd just better like butterflies and swirls....LOL!

Again Tammy knows me through Stampin_Up_In_Oz.

This card was super cool as it had a pop up centre when you opened it and the colours are so bright and cheerful.

Unfortunately I can't find a blog for Tammy, so if you'd like more information on this card, please email me and I'll forward it onto Tammy for you.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Featuring Michelle...

Wow the school holidays are over for us, so I should be relaxing with the kids both away today! Let see how that pans out!

This sweet card was made by Michelle from Stampin_Up_In_Oz.

Whilst I was setting up this post, I found this card on Michelle's blog. It was her last post. So that should give you an indication on when I set up with post. Anyway pop on over to Michelle's blog for more information on this card.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Featuring Louise

Isn't this just cute? I don't have this set and I often wonder why? Do you have a set you just keep forgetting to order or putting on the backburner?

Louise from, yep you guessed it, Stampin_Up_In_Oz made this little gem for me.

Again Louise doesn't have a blog so if you'd like more information email me, so that I can pass it onto her.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Featuring Kylie....

Can you beleive I am only up to the letter K with my featuring artists? Don't worry I only have four more to go after this post - and then I might show you some of what I have been up to!

Anyway this is from my friend Kylie, from Stampin_Up_In_Oz. I bet you are wondering if I have any other friends at this rate? LOL!

Now I am feeling a bit repetitive at this moment, as I have just scheduled the last ten posts and I have five more to go.... so I apologise!

Anyway you'll have to email me if you would like more information on this card and I'll pass it onto Kylie.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Featuring Katie...

I had the pleasure of meeting up with Katie at Convention. She was a hoot to hang out with!

And as you can see she's makes adorable cards. Katie is also a member of Stampin_Up_In_Oz.

I can't wait to get my own set of Vintage Vogue to have a play around with.

For more information on this card, please contact the artist, so they know they have inspired you too!

Till next time, happy stamping...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Featuring Karen T...

Okay have you worked out the order of my featuring artists? Yes, they are coming out in alphabetical order!

This yummy card is from Karen T. Another Stampin_Up_In_Oz buddy.

For more information on this scrumptious card, please contact the artist, so they know they have inspired you too!

Till next time, happy stamping...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Featuring Karen G...

Now this card uses the gorgeous Sale-A-Bration set, Happy Moments. I just lurv this set! I wish that it would come back but alas, that's just not how it works!

Oh, and the artist was Karen Gower. Guess where I know Karen from? Yep, she's another Stampin_Up_In_Oz gal.

I love the real string she's put on this card for a 3D effect. Very cool!

Again you can contact the artist for more information, so that they know that they have inspired you.

Till next time, happy stamping...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Featuring Julie...

This card come from Julie who is another friend from Stampin_Up_In_Oz.

Are you seeing a pattern here? If you love Stampin' Up!® perhaps you should join this group! It's full of nice ladies.
Again I can't find a blog for Julie, but if you'd like to know more about her creation email me and I'll forward it to her.

Till next time, happy stamping...
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