Sunday, August 2, 2009

Fathers Day Swaps

A little while ago, I showed you a card that I made for the Fathers Day Swap that a group of ladies were participating in. I have now received my six very nice cards. I couldn't even pick a favourite. I love them all. Now I just need to find six fathers...lol..

Starting from top left and going clockwise the artists are:
Chris Parker-Barnes, Kerri Donsky, Jane Norrish, Narissa Curlis, Tanya Kitto, and last but not least Tina Devlin.

You can click on the highlighted names and go to these wonderful ladies sites to see more of their fantastic work. Unfortunately I don't have the website for the other three.

I feel that I have been very bad lately and not put any of my work up on the site. Unfortunately I have been busy going away on holidays, working, catching up on housework and doing mending and alterations. I have made some more cards, however I can't show you because they are for my Secret Sister.

Till next time, happy stamping...

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