Monday, August 9, 2010

Thanks Leah!

I was suprised to receive an Award from Leah Weir last week - sorry for taking so long to pop it up on my blog!

Okay as with all awards you usually have to do something when you receive them. In this case, I have to:

Thank Leah - I am glad you like visiting my blog

Tell you three things about myself that I love:

My inability to lie to save my life - luckily haven't been put in that position
My ability to search out answers and self teach myself.
My desire to travel!

Next I have to post a picture that I love;

Here it is - one of those special bonding moments! Perhaps it's a littla MA rated!

And finally I have to pass the award onto five fabulous people!

Kerri Donsky
Valita's Fresh Folds
Nikki Stalker
Leonie Schroder

Phew... I am glad that's over.... so many names were wandering around my head and to whittle it down to five was excruciating!

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. Awwhhh thanks Sonia!! Okay will put my thinking cap on tonight to add this to my blog.

  2. thank you, I appreciate all the wonderful comments on my blog :) Valita

  3. This is a lovely picture...there is nothing more lovely than a mother feeding her baby...CUTE!!

  4. Hi Sonia! I am very touched that you included me in this list! Thanks so much my gorjuss friend! I will try and get this posted today! I'm sorry I have been MIA! Thanks so much for visiting my blog so regularly ... when I have been so neglectful! My internet is the bane of my life ... and just refuses to go faster than walking pace once the clock hits 6pm! I just cannot blog at night anymore (which is the most convenient time) because of the speed. My dh is trying to investigate the prob ... and in the meantime I need some patience! Hugs Andrea xxx


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