Friday, May 7, 2010

Another Award!

Oh boy! I didn't realise that there were that many people out there that enjoy my blog! I have just been awarded the Sunshine Award by Claire Harrison.

I need to pay it forward again... though thankfully I don't have to reveal anything about myself this time. LOL!

a. Nikki Stalker
b. Lynda Shrimpton
c. Andrea Lowcock
d. Jodene Tripp
e. Charmaine Black

I was also awarded another Beautiful Blogger Award by Liz Burnell-Latham, but was too scared to updated the previous post as the formatting was going berserk! So thanks Liz.

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. Hi Sonia, Thank you very much for giving me a sunshine award, I have proudly displayed it on my blog and payed it forward to some blogs I like to visit. Lots of inky hugs from Charmaine ;-)

  2. Ooooh! Thanks so much my dear blog friend! It is a lovely award to receive! (Have added your award to my May 6 post!) Big hugs xxAxx


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