Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making Wrapping Paper

I just have to share these photo's with you. As you are all aware Fathers Day is tomorrow and I didn't get any wrapping paper. So I thought that my kids could make some using the Totally Tool stamp set and some brown paper.

Here is Miss 1 giving it a good go. I think she has been watching me too long, because she was quite good at the ink then stamp process. And she thought she was pretty clever too being allowed to play with mummy's toys.

It was all quite serious stuff, especially when she discovered her fingers had changed colours...lol...

I guess this is a good reminder that stamps can be used for many things and not just cards, as I tend to use them for.

Till next time, happy stamping...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Sonia,

    I was just roaming some SU blogs and saw these pictures. SU stuff is great for kids as I have discovered. My Miss is 3 and loves doing Mummy's stuff. I always think of the wrapping paper stamping as cheaper than real wrapping paper and keeps her happy and occupied!!.



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