Sunday, October 16, 2011

Winners for Inkspirations 4U Christmas edition

Sorry I am a little late in announcing these winners. I got busy yesterday and my daughters wanted to go to the local rodeo. What a great night it was with lovely horses and great horsemanship on display, plus of course, the bucking bulls.

Anyway onto more pressing matters. The winners are:

Rachel and Karen from Dallastown.

I really enjoyed reading about all the things that excite you about Christmas. I loved the fact that so many of us, who live apart from family, enjoy getting together and are willing to make that effort. I was super impressed with Terry Duncans family ritual and although I don't always stay with my family (it's usually at my in-laws) on Christmas Eve, I hope that when my kids grow up it becomes a ritual for them.

If the winners could please email me, so I can give their information on to the organiser of Inkspirations 4U, I would appreciate that.

For those who didn't win a FREE pass, I would recommend that you join anyway. Click HERE to find out how to join.

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. Thank you so much Sonia!! I'm so excited about winning this can't wait to see what awesome things were going to be making :)

  2. Hey hunny! Can you let everyone over at INK4U! know that my puter is playing up! My keyboard is not working!!! So ... until my prob is fixed ... I can't get over to INK4U! (Doing this comment on Gav's computer ... but as he needs his for work ... I won't be able to touch it much!) Hugs xxx PS: I also can't get access to my emails ... or to the link to the forum ... aaarrrggghhh!!!

  3. Hi Sonia! I have just emailed Maddy to say I can't contribute projects any more to INK4U! I have been so snowed ... and had such a difficult year ... and now I am working about 20 hrs for Gav ... and am finding I don't have time to stamp for myself ... because I am trying to keep up with all the INK4U! stuff & challenges! I feel so sad ... and so bad for letting her down ... but just had to do it for my own sanity! Just thought I would let you know. I am super tired ... and just had enough of trying to keep on keeping on. So ... I decided I just HAD to make this decision. I have missed you, my friend! I hope life is good for you! Hugs xx


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