Sunday, March 13, 2011


Well this card has been made by an extra special person in my life, my daughter! Miss 8 has become involved in her own Secret Stamper program. I can think of nothing better than teaching kids to give for 'no reason'. She's just started and this is her first effort.

When I saw this Stamping 411 challenge, I just knew it was right for Miss 8's secret stamping friend.

With a little bit of encouragement and help, this is what she came up with. Miss 8 also learnt how to do some watercoloring as well. She has enjoyed being given free reign in mummy's craft room. LOL!

I am super proud of her and I am going to link this post to the Stamping 411 site, even though it's not in the same calibre as most of the others there. I hope they don't mind.

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. Miss 8 has done a wonderful job. She must be very happy with result.

    You're a top mother for encouraging her creativity and allowing her to express herself through this medium.


  2. Your daughter has done a fantastic job with the sketch Sonia! She should be very proud of herself.

  3. She's very clever - seems to be taking after her Mum

  4. Love this card, and what a fabulous way to start out her secret stamper adventure!

  5. Super gorgeous! She has the "crafty gene" for sure! Thanks for sharing! Hugs xxaxx

  6. Oh how cute is this??/Love the squares turned the way you have them.

  7. Oh this is too fun! I love your little monsters!

  8. This card makes me giggle. I love those monsters.

  9. Whe I saw just the thumbnail, I was very impressed with the 'tilted' squares! Had to come and leave a comment because I liked that creative touch so much. Then, I read it was Miss 8 who did it and I'm triple impressed! Excellent job.


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