Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exciting News!

I have been considering how to break this exciting news to you all! Stampin' Up!® is undergoing a colour renovation. This is so very exciting! Of course with any renovation there are always firm favourites that have to go and have a rest. Some of these colours I personally will be very sad to go, but generally I am looking forward to the new colours that are becoming available!

Click on the images above and below to get a closer look at the upcoming changes.

I am so excited as some of my favourite in-colours are staying - yep, staying!!!!

Now I know that you are probably in shock! I was too!!!! But I am pleased to say that we've been given just over four months to get used to this idea. So if there are any colours that are farewelling us this year, you have a couple of months to stock up on ink, refills and cardstock! Although I would recommend that you get in before it runs out!

Anyway I'll leave you to think about this.... and look forward to posting some cards soon.
Happy stamping...

1 comment:

  1. Hey Sonia! What are you going to miss the most??? I am quite satisfied with the final stash ... but I am sooooo going to miss the lavenders & lilacs! I am rather partial to purples. Although my fav colour is green.


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