Saturday, June 5, 2010

The one that got away!

Well you know how there is always a card that you saw and wished you had? Well that happened to me at Convention. I was out to dinner with my ESAD buddies and Claire Harrison had these stunning cards. Again I was kicking myself for not taking my swaps to tea - but I really didn't want them to get dirty!

Anyway I prayed that I would run into Claire the next morning and be able to grab one from her then. I did find Claire, however she had run out of swaps already. I was so sad. But the memory of this card was too strong and as soon as I got home, I started badgering Claire to blog her swaps - Hi Claire! Unfortunately for Claire blogger was playing up, so she instead sent me a picture via email - AND the ingredients. Wasn't she a gem?

Anyway I just had to make this card up straight away and here it is. The photo does not do this card any justice. The images are gold embossed and then painted using Crystal Effects and Re-inkers. So there is bling and shine to this card that was too hard to photograph.

I will not put the ingredients up as this is Claire's card and you can ask her for instructions if you would like them. That way she'll know she has inspired you too!

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. It is a beautiful card, I was lucky to get one.

  2. Oooh! I do like the sound of gold embossing ... inks & crystal effects! Must tuck that away in my little brain! Trouble is ... I tuck all these FAB ideas away in my little brain ... and then I can't find them in there when I need them!!! (giggle) Hugs Andrea xx

  3. I didn't see the original, but yours is beautiful Sonia!


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