Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Convention swaps - just a small sample

I know, I know, I've been holding out on you! Honestly I was overwhelmed with the swaps that I received and choosing a few as favourites was near impossible.

First up we have this stunner from Pat Carr (WA). I love this because it emulates where Convention was held. And who doesn't love a little punch art?

Next we have a cute teabag holder by Margaret Hendersen. Margaret didn't have her contact details on this when we swapped but I liked it so much I made sure I got her name. Now Margaret if you have to be reading this and I got your name muddled up, I am so sorry! And please let me know.

This card was fantastic to receive because I got it off this 'nice' lady and instantly loved it, so I thought I'd look at the back to see who the artist was. And then I realised that it was my blog buddy, Andrea Lowcock. Well that just sent me a little crazy and had to introduce myself properly and get the biggest 'real' hug!

Naydene Beaver made the card below and I loved her colour choices and, of course, the butterflies. I really must get this set!

I went out to dinner with my ESAD buddies on the Thursday evening, but forgot to take my swaps. I sat with the lovely Pam Jorgensen and she was handing out swaps and I was praying that they didn't disappear before morning. Needless to say I was privileged to receive this gorgeous butterfly brooch! Isn't she clever?

And sitting beside Pam at dinner was Kathy Faulkner. Kathy was also handing out her swaps. I was silently kicking myself under the table to forgetting to take mine. So on the Friday morning I searched for Kathy and found that she had but a few of these beauties left. I would have to say that this card of Kathy's was the highlight for me!

I must say thanks to everyone who swapped with me! I have so many great ideas and loved the frantic pace of swapping - to give those non convention goers an idea of what it's like, think Wall Street in the 1980's - just CRAZY!

Now I can't find blog links for all of these talented ladies, but if you are out there reading and know of their blogs please contact me so that I can add links to this post.

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. It was such a fun moment ... wasn't it ... when we took a moment to look at each other's name badges ... and realise that we were blog buddies!!!! That was a highlight moment for me too! Thanks for sharing my swap here ... I'm so glad we managed to get one from each other! You also managed to nab some beauties here ... that I didn't get. Aren't they great for inspiration! Hugs Andrea xx

  2. I am totally in awe of all the mega talents Sonia. I chuckled to myself when I just read Andrea's comment above. I love the tea bag holder...too cute...but they are all brilliant. have to fold and become a demo sooner or later huh?? ;)


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