Saturday, December 25, 2010

Moi! A Stylish Blogger!

Well a little while ago I was awarded by the lovely Sandra Azzopardi, the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you Sandra it's made me smile... and I apologise for not forwarding it on sooner.... but I thought I'd wait until Christmas Day and hopefully make someone else's Christmas a little bit more special!

Of course with this award come certain conditions..... Firstly I have to tell you eight things about myself....

1. I love Christmas.
2. I am a big child at heart - you'll find me starting water balloon fights :-)
3. I despise banana's - makes me physically sick just to smell them
4. I try to see the best in everyone
5. I am going to try and give up coffee
6. I just got a new puppy a month ago (well she's actually my daughters... but I seem to spend a lot of time with her)
7. My first craft that I engaged in as an adult was cross-stitching - I find it nearly impossible now that I have young kids.
8. I can play the piano, organ, recorder (lol) and saxophone - I have a flute too... but I can't play it proficiently

Okay part 2 - pass it on to eight very stylish blogs...... in no order and I wish I didn't have to stop at eight!

Jodene Tripp

Gardenia Pepworth

Karen Gower

Fiona Platzer

Jenny Adams

Marisol Gutierrez

Martha Lucia Gomez

Madeline Morcelo

Alright then, it's time for me to sign out and crawl into bed so Santa Claus can come.... I hope that you and your families have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a wonderful new year.

Till next time, happy stamping...


  1. Hope the sleep was good ... and today is wonderful for you! Enjoy, hunny! Hugs xxaxx

  2. Hola Chica...Thank you! The email was in my Spam...SORRY!


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